About Us


We are all about delivering you the following promises.

Smarter Solutions

Our designs include the latest advancements in technology to ensure that your home is comfortable and has a low impact on the environment.

Saving Time

Everyone’s time is valuable. We can save you time and headaches by dealing with the municipality for permits and approvals when you want to build. We have the experience to know what is needed and how to go about preparing the documents so that we can cut through any red tape and keep your projects moving on time and on budget.

Cost Effective Designs

To save money, it is most important to really understand what you are looking for in your home. We take the time to understand your vision, construction requirements and budget, so we can provide the most cost effective design. Here is where our “THINKING OUT OF THE BOX” really delivers.


  • Building Permit Drawings for Custom Homes

  • Building Permit Drawing for Renovations

  • City Follow-ups for Permit Applications

  • Rezoning and Subdivisions

  • Renovation Consultation

  • Second Floor Additions

  • Basement Additions

  • Commercial Design

  • Restaurant Design

  • Office Tenant Improvement

  • Shop Tenant Improvement

  • Construction Consultation

  • Construction Management

  • Builder’s Assistance Program

    Laneway house Vancouver
    Laneway house Vancouver