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Laneway Home's Benefits

Benefits, Benefits of having a Laneway house For a home buyer who wants to live in the subject property a Laneway home is a good mortgage helper as well as source of income For a home buyer who is a passive investor and wants to rent out the house, there would be more income on investment which results better ROI… Read more →

Design package

Design package for a laneway house We offer a design package for a laneway house application. In order to apply for Laneway home building permit you need: 1-Survey drawing (average $1600- to $2,500) 2- Architectural drawing (average $6,500 to $8,000) 3- Structural drawing (average $1,400 to $2,200) 4- Energy adviser report (average $1,300 to $2,000) 5- HPO letter to be… Read more →

Laneway house Allergy prevention

Laneway house allergy prevention
with these simple tips.

the following steps for laneway house allergy prevention. Allergies are often associated with the arrival of spring, but indoor allergy sufferers will often find themselves sniffing and sneezing year-round. The culprit? Indoor allergens such as dust, dust mites and pet hair and dander. So how do you make sure your home is a respite from both seasonal and interior allergens and create a healthy environment for you and your family?

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, there are several best practices you can adopt to manage allergens in your home:

1. Keep it clean. Regularly cleaning your home will go far in reducing allergens such as dust, dust mites and pet dander.

2. Redo your floors. Replacing rugs and carpets with wood or vinyl floorings will help minimize dust and other allergens that become embedded in fabric fibers.

3. Groom your furry friends. Regularly bathing and brushing your pets will help reduce the amount of dander and pet hair in your home.

4. Go on mould patrol. Be on the lookout for any leaks or moisture in your home as this can cause mould to thrive.

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Laneway house Allergy prevention
Laneway house Allergy prevention