Laneway house Service

We provide the following service:

Laneway house service and financing application

Laneway house service and construction

Laneway Design
We provide architectural drawings and design services for new and renovation of residential projects. Our design services are customized based on your individual needs. We hire survey and structure engineer as well as energy advisor and apply on your behalf do all the follow-ups to get the city building permit. We sign a construction contract designed for your needs and we will make sure all the items are covered that is no areas for error. So you can make a wise and secure decision that you are dealing with a reliable company who provide excellent and professional services.

Other services we provide are: renovation and new house design and construction. All our design services are includes the city permit application and follow-ups.

Rezoning Applications
If the occupancy of a property is different than surrounding area, it requires rezoning of that property applied to the local municipality. Rezoning involve the change of use of a property. It might be a conversion of a residential house to commercial use or the conversion of some single family lots into a multi-family project. We can follow the process of rezoning application to the building permit.

laneway house service

laneway house service